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tidus__yuna's Journal

Tidus and Yuna fan community
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This community is for all fans of the couple Tidus and Yuna! Join and tell us how much you love them, post images, graphics, fan fics, thoughts, anything! Go wild. :)

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1) This community is made to be fun. I am here to maintain and moderate, but not babysit. Please be repectful of others and don't blog fight. If you have issues with another LJ member please take it up with them someplace outside this community.
2) Please don't promote unless it is a community that has something to do with Tidus and/or Yuna. We don't care how sXe and hXc you are. Don't be stupid.
3) d0 u tAlK LyK di5? Please die.
4) Please keep all posts on topic. Telling us what you had for dinner last night is not on topic. And we don't care either.
5) No anti-Tidus and Yuna posts allowed. This is a community for FANS of them.
6) Have fun and post often! :)

Promote us! :)


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